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EYLEM is a leading distribution company of high-tech/nisch medical devices in its territory!

Eylem Medical  mainly focus on Blood Purification...

Sepsis Adsorption Column

Sepsis adsorption columns are filled with neutral macroporous resin, mainly adsorbing molecules from 10 to 60 kDa. Because of the accurate 3D macroporous structure and over 54000 square meter adsorption surface area of resin.

Plasma Seperator

Therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE) or plasmapheresis involves the separation of plasma from whole blood. In so doing, plasma-borne humoral disease mediators are removed from the body. This can attenuate the course and severity of the underlying disease.

Autoimmune Column

Autoimmune columns effectively and specifically removes numerous immune related pathogenic factors and improve prognosis.These columns are mainly used for autoimmune diseases such asallergic purpura, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis etc. 

Liver Support Column

Liver support columns extensively adsorb bilirubin, bile acid, ammonia, phenol, mercaptan etc.These columns are recommended for drug-induced hepatitis, hepatic failure & complications such as hepatic encephalopathy etc.


Ensuring safety with the Original Bloodline.Quality and reliability characterise the bloodlines in function and use.

CRRT Machine

CRRT Machine precisely controls of the flow and temperature to ensure that the patients treatment process is more efficient, safe and comfortable