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Liver Support Column

Features of  Liver Support Column:

  • Large adsorptive surface area
  • High mechanical strength of adsorbents
  • Resin material with advanced coating technology
  • Anion-exchange resin for bilirubin and bile acid
  • Combination with other blood purification therapies

BS330 containing anion-exchange resin, can adsorb bilirubin and bile acid. BS330 plasma adsorption therapy can relieve the symptoms of hyperbilirubinemia and hyperbileacidemia. There is an electrostatic interaction between the adsorbent and bilirubin. 

HA330-II removes hepatic toxins. HA330-II hemoperfusion theraphy can be used alona or in combination with other extracorporeal blood circulations which provides a new therapy to reduce inflammatory mediators, toxins, bilirubin, etc. in drug induced hepatitis, hepatic failure, and their complications such as hepatic encephalopathy. 

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Anion-exchange resin


Whole Blood and Plasma

Polycarbon housing, >50.000 square meter surface area