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Resin Technology

Medical Grade Resins/Styrene-divinyl Benzene Copolymer

All resins are produced on the basis styrene-divinylbenzene. Macroporous styrene-divinylbenzene (St-DVB) co-polymer microspheres can be synthesized through the free-radical cross-linking co-polymerization of styrene and divinylbenzene in the presence of an inert diluent. Usually the macroporous St-DVB co-polymer microspheres are prepared by conventional free radical co-polymerization in which phase separation or templating methods are used to tailor the pore structures;

  • Insoluble, cross-linked polystyrene
  • Spherical 50-100 micro-meter diameter
  • Formal pore structure
  • Excellent diffusion and mass transport properties

Resin properties are important in determining the ability of hemoperfusion to eliminate toxins and poisons. Over the past 20 years, there have been great improvements in resin technologies that have promoted hemoperfusion development.

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