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CRRT Machine

Blood Purification Equipment

  • Continuous venous venous hemodiafiltration(CVVHDF)
  • Plasma filtration adsorption(CPFA)
  • Double filtration plasmapheresis(DFPP)
  • Hemoperfusion(HP)
  • Many other treatment option are available

SWS 5000 series have fourteen blood purification treatment modes and it is more comprehensive blood purification device on the market. The device is suitable for continous blood purification treamtnet(CBP), plasma adsorption therapy,, albumin adsorption therapy and blood perfusion to meet various clnical treament needs.

SWS 5000 precisely controls of the flow and temperature to ensure that the patients treatment process is more efficient, safe and comfortable. The liquid temperature is detected and feedback control is precise. Fluid balance is precisely controlled. 

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Blood Purification Device
Provides life support for critical patients


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14 Treatment Modes