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Sepsis Column

Features of  Sepsis Adsorption Column:

  • Different filling volumes for different treatment options
  • Anticoagulant:Heparin, Sodium Citrate
  • Avaliable to use with both plasma and whole blood
  • Clear Cytokines and Inflammatory mediators
  • Combination with other blood purification therapies

Infectious diseases are a leading cause of death worldwide. Sepsis is a severe clinical syndrome related to the host response to infection. The severity of infections is due to an activation cascade that will lead to an autoamplifying cytokine production: the cytokine storm. Cytokines are a broad category of relatively small proteins (<40 kDa) that are produced and released with the aim of cell signaling.

Jafron Sepsis Adsorption Column is a whole blood adsorber. The design of the Jafron column and its adsorber beads form the basis for its functionality and high biocompatibility. The content of the Jafron column consists of Neutro-macroporous resin adsorbing beads made of styrene-divinylbenzene copolymer. The tiny beads can bind to a wide range of inflammatory mediators such as cytokines, chemokines, plasma free hemoglobin etc. by virtue of their structure, provided there is a corresponding gradient between whole blood and polymer.

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Different  Volumes- Sepsis Filter
High Efficiency, Reliability, Biocompatibility


Two different design provides more treatment options

Polycarbon housing, >50.000 square meter surface area